Dota 2 Tutorial made by Slacks, Sunsfan, OD etc is terrible. (Constructive criticism)

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero Guides

First, no hate, I will just state facts. The tutorial is bad and will make people drop out of the game.

1 – The tutorial is too much useless information and no gameplay. I learned better by playing with bots.

2 – The teaching is all wrong. Fog of war at 30 mins? Stacking 5 times before fog of war, TP or wards? Runes at 38 mins? Is this really made by analysts and casters?

3 – Not using real damage numbers? Ursa killing a sniper in 3 hits? Wtf.

4 – Telling people to buy daedalus first item?

5 – Eternal dragon form?

6 – Using scan on where we saw the enemy go?

7 – Telling you to stack enemy camps and not yours?

8 – Not giving boots and making you walk all the map from fountain to top dire t1?

9 – Teaching people how to destroy your itens if you rage? Wtf lmao. (I know its showing that you will encounter people doing this, but there is really no need.)

10 – Showing heroes attacking Roshan outside of the pit?

11 – Team fight at 42 mins?

12 – Telling that int heroes are weak at the end game? Spell amp does not exist then? Please guys, please.

13 – No backdoor protection?

Please guys, make this tutorial something short and direct, make you play the game and stop with the useless talking. AND PLEASE, FIX THE SCHEDULLE OF THE TEACHING, YOU TOLD HOW TO TP AT 44 MINS OF THE TUTORIAL WTF. This tutorial looks like a meme for veteran players troll.


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