Dota in like…2015

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero Guides

Everyone's so good nowadays it's bizarre. I first played a bit of Dota back in 2015 with a couple of friends cause we thought it looked cool. We knew next to nothing and didn't even follow guides just buy the recommended stuff and run around in random lanes. Best part is…we would occasionally still win or get some kills maybe. Now I got back into it and have played about 10 games since I picked it up last week. Holy… If I played with 2015 mindset and didn't see a couple of videos about Laning, positions ,pulling , stacking ,hero guides etc etc I would be completely FUCKED. I still suck even with all this info but I find it so weird that the average player has gotten so much better. I am essentialy a new player and I am getting flamed in unranked matches for not playing great… If it was a ranked game yea it would make some sense my performance will affect 4 (more like 9) other people's mmr. But casual unranked matches being so difficult cause people have just progressed so much…it's unreal and honestly makes it hard to get back into the game and have (a lot of) fun. Do any other new players share this feeling? Or am I just a whiney scrub?


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