Dota is so depressing

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I dont understand how to have fun in this game. 90% of the matches are a stomp, winning or losing. (My all time winrate is 53 so its not like I lose every match)

Winning a match isn’t any fun when the enemy is clueless and it’s just annoying when a game that has an obvious outcome keeps on dragging on.

Losing on the other hand is the most depressing shit ever, always feels like enemy is doing everything right and there is nothing you can do to stop them. Often I dont even understand what I could have done differently. I play quite a lot of different competitive games like cs on a pretty high level and thats just not the case on any other game.

Like this game isnt healthy, i had to delete this game because it keeps making me so unbelieveably angry but i know ill load it back tomorrow. There is no winning in dota, it’s only lose-lose situations.


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