Dota support for Arabic community ?

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For the last couple of years many game studios and publishers have made great effort in showing interest towards the arab community of their games by localizing the game into Arabic or by making regional events and specific content for them.

There are many examples like our nemesis League of Legends, they even have an arabic-speaking twitter account and Valorant meaning that Riot are really doing well towards the arab community.

Even games that are not really a direct competitor to Dota like PUBG and Fortnite.

But in the case of our beloved Dota, Valve seems that they don't give a damn about us even though we have a large player base like cmon guys our saudi prince contributed to like half of last year's prize pool and there are many pro players who are arabs ( Yapzor-miracle-GH).

Isn't it the time for some love for us? localization and maybe just maybe an announcer or -if I may dream big- a major hosted in Dubai or Cairo ?


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