dota2 causing my pc to crash/freeze and restart.

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hi everyone, im really desperate and are trying to see if anyone here can help. i built my pc last year and somehow when i play dota2 its the ONLY game that causes my pc to randomly freeze and restart automatically. no other games had this and the pc freeze happens super randomly. it usually works fine after one restart and then it happens again the next day.

i have tried swapping out my ram, and installing dota2 into another ssd and the issue persists. ive changed/lowered the graphic settings etc. dx11 etc. all does not work.

any idea if it could be a processor or motherboard related issue? i doubt its my aio or temp cause everything else runs fine. heres my pc parts:

processor: i5 11600kf

mobo: gigabyte b560m d3sh ac

ram: corsair vengeance rgb 16gb 3600mhz

ssd: 1tb samsung 980 nvme ssd (only 15% utilized)

psu: coolermaster 750w semi modular

gpu: galax 1070 8gb mini

thanks in advance


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