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Hello r/DotA2, I'm not a frequent user of Reddit, but I'm an avid user of DotA 2 the playable game, and I've recently become an avid player of DnD. I've been interested in DnD for a couple years, and this recent pandemic has delved me deeper into DotA and DnD, I've created a template for different playable races from DotA 2 that also partially explains the creation story arc. My sources include u/SirActionSlacks, u/AngerMania, DotA2 Wiki, Dota1 Wiki, DotA: Dragon's Blood, this document also contains a bit of my own flair (that can be altered at DM's discretion). This does take place before the events of DotA 2 as to keep the lore as correct as I can from a storyteller standpoint (I suspect that the Defence of the Ancients is a nexus point in the DotA 2 universe). I've written a couple different campaigns surrounding the DotA2 universe (most are about 3-5 sessions long) and am currently writing an overarching campaign for the universe (encompassing the larger players of this world, radiant/dire, the Gods and Demons/Devils and the different nations within Terene). I've written this to ask for pointers out in the lore, if I've missed themes or larger strokes of the lore.


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