Double Blacked-Out Limbs With Heavy Bleeds… Is this Annoying Situation Intended?

So the other day I came across the horrors of having a blacked out limb with heavy bleeds.

I found myself with two blacked out limbs, both with heavy bleed status. This meant that I could not stop the heavy bleed as you cannot use the new items on blacked out limbs. I opted to use a Survival Kit on one of the two limbs with the heavy bleed, only to find the limb immediately going back to blacked status due to the heavy bleed effect stacking with each other.

If it is only one backed out limb with heavy bleed, as long as you patch up any other active heavy bleed, you have just enough time to quickly heal the limb after surgery.

Essentially, I found myself in a situation that seemed impossible to escape from and very quickly gave up as I was wasting my surgery kits with no success.

Is this an intended mechanic? If so……… F**ck. Lol.


EDIT: It seems like it may have been a bug as other people in this thread have, allegedly, been successful in using the new items on blacked out limbs! I have not yet had the "pleasure" of heavy bleeding since then so I cannot confirm this myself.


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