Downsizing my combat ship, need advice?

I have been using a heavily engineered Corvette to farm CZs for BGS. Lately, I've realized that while my Corvette is nigh invulnerable, I really don't enjoy flying it nearly as much as smaller ships. I'm also getting a HOTAS with yaw pedals, and it should come on Wednesday, so I'll finally be able to use my ships' thrusters to max utility.

I am thinking of switching to a medium or small ship, but I am concerned that I won't be able to hold my own in a CZ. I have gotten too used to having a shield/hull tank hybrid that can take concentrated fire for days without dropping shields.

Funds are not a problem, and I have so many engineered modules that I could probably just drop whatever into a ship and fly it right off the bat.

I will post my Corvette build to show you what I'm working with, as well as some other builds I'm thinking of using.

My Vette:




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