Draft Mode locked from redrafting before you play 1 game. Why?

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Okay, so when they were closing Arena and just creating the Draft Mode in one of the dev streams they talked about how Arena has this sort of annoying system where because you use your ore to "start a contract" with O'Dimm which you needed to draft a deck you have to play it otherwise you are losing resources; because of this they decided that the new draft mode won't have an entering fee and you could draft freely as many times as you wish until you got a deck you like, only downside in comparison to Arena being that for beating all the available games you don't receive any prize.

Sometimes I get the leaders I don't like. After the recent change to get other leaders to choose from I need to draft the whole deck then play 1 game and only then I can draft again.

Every other game I get people instantly forfeiting just to draft again, what is the point? Please, let them redraft on any stage they want; or if you want people to stick to their picked decks give back entering fees and rewards for completion like it was in Arena.

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