Drones, cameras, surveillance equipment in tarkov? Does it belong?

So i browsed through the planned features for tarkov and found references to a SPHERE wireless exploration device. The gist of it is a small ball that has 4 cameras for 360° camera surveillance. i assume the design is to allow the device to be thrown, or at least gently tossed/rolled to an area.

I personally think this would GREATLY open up some radically different styles of play. You could place it to watch your back, or throw it down a hall to get a see where an enemy is from a new angle without exposing yourself.

It also allows for some serious ambushes to be set up (for all the rats out there👍). you could watch prey through the device, and spring when they walk away from cover.

I imagine the device would show emit sort of light (for gameplay purposes) so that it would be visible to enemies (maybe only when its being used?).

Anyway, i think it will be a really cool feature to add, and am totally looking forward to it. I was just wanting to get some feedback on what others think? I could see where some people might thing that this is busted af and completely OP. Let me know below!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/ih0swf/drones_cameras_surveillance_equipment_in_tarkov/

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