Dual faction cards, but not quite.

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Note: I am aware that the devs have said previously that they don't want to add dual faction cards, so this post is not a suggestion as much as it is a discussion invitation.

What if a new mechanic was introduced that makes some Neutral cards have extra benefits if played within a specific faction? the goal of this change is to buff Devotion decks, and to create a new additional layer for balancing similar to Adrenaline.

For example: ( New keyword to represent the mechanic):

loyal: Trigger this ability when played within a specific faction. Note: loyal cards do not break Devotion.

Cards examples ( to clarify the idea not to represent the exact implementation ):

Regis: Bloodlust for MO:

Deploy (Melee): Damage an enemy unit by 4. Deathblow: Banish it. Loyal: Boost self by 2 or by the amount of excess damage done.

Gregoire de Gorgon for NR:

Deploy (Melee): Damage an enemy unit by 1.
Deathblow: Boost self by 5 and gain a Shield. Loyal: Increase the damage to 3.

Matta Hu'uri: for NG:

Deploy (Ranged): If neither player has passed and your opponent's hand is not full, they draw the lowest-cost card, and you draw the highest-cost card. Loyal: If you draw a unit, boost it by 2.

There are many other examples to be made, such as Zoltan: Scoundrel for ST etc…

What do you think about this?

And please be friendly, this is just a way to pass time and not an actual suggestion to be implemented into the live game.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/mqq3mt/dual_faction_cards_but_not_quite/

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