Dynamic Loot Changed Pmc Encounters

TLDR Rats are getting into more fights with pmcs more spread out and Chads can’t find tons of people in one spot to fight. See I don’t think servers are empty, pretty far from it. People are just in places you never expect them cause loot is spread out. I play like a rat so I’ve always avoided hot spots early on. But I’ve noticed pmcs in areas they usually never hang around in. For example I was playing customs and I was rolling through the power building near old gas. I typically go there to see about vodka or sugar spawns and to check the weapon boxes. But a duo squad beat me to it and we had a little altercation that I lost. It was totally unexpected and now three of my typical routes through the map aren’t as safe since it’s much harder to avoid people when they’re more spread out. Rats are getting some more action than before and Chads can’t find half the server in one spot to fight.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/q0i6bx/dynamic_loot_changed_pmc_encounters/

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