Dynamic seasons?

Anyone know if they plan on adding seasons to the game?

I was thinking how sweet it would be if during winter months they made snow versions of the outside maps.

So say for example; for the months between November-March you had like a 40% chance when queueing up for an exterior raid (everything but factory pretty much) that you get a snow version, with weather/precipitation odds being the same as on normal maps. So it could be a snow covered customs map, and if it were raining on a normal customs it would snow or potentially blizzard in the snow version.

I realise that would give the devs more work as that would basically be like creating a whole other set of maps, but having different audio queues for example, footsteps on snow or face shields that can fog up if you run out of stamina while sprinting or jumping would be awesome. Not to mention adding that type of dynamic to maps would keep things different and interesting, and could open up a whole slew of potential additions. Imagine having to keep moving to stay warm, or using hand/body warmers to keep your arms from shivering.

Idk how anyone else feels but dynamic maps would be cool and keep the same maps interesting

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/e7zjg0/dynamic_seasons/

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