Early Christmas? Where are we going?

This year my letter to Santa Claus will be for Santa Nikita.
Dear Santa Nikita This year I have behaved well, I have, and continue to defend your game and your wonderful ideas, although in the last period we do not understand what the fuck you are doing to this game. But that's okay, we are waiting for better times.
Anyway, I have some requests for you.
This year I want even more weapons,
Many weapons, but without haste eh, I personally would like to see a mp40, an M1 garand, gewehr 43, FN minimi and everything that your imagination can give birth.

I would like to see a more sensible flea market, where every player is the store of himself and not all thrown to chance.
Possibility to sell your products after gaining a certain kind of experience between kill, or other.
Buying from level 5 is also fine with me, but selling is not. I do not find it sensible. Too many people who smear crap.

I would like to see some live mission, during the raids, for example some vendor contacts you on your tablet from PMC and asks you to retrieve something or someone or kill someone or a specific player, like an assassination on commission and bring them his dogtag.
For now, in addition to the standard missions or find some pliers, or screwdriver there is not much to do, than to hunt other players.
I heard about the new compass that will serve for possible airdrop . Good start.
The next map with all those buildings and rooms, would lend itself very well to live missions to recover things or hostages or assassinations. Are we or are we not PMC?

I would like to see a true story, and not just videos.    Beautiful eh, nothing to say, better than a movie. And I hope to see more.
But I would like a setting where I am catapulted for a reason. More than anything else that pushes me to come back.
I very much hope that when we are in the open world will be farcry style example. Where each player feels like the main protagonist of the plot .

I would like to see bots with more human animations, with an AI that you do not engage when you are still behind a shelter, still and motionless.
I would like to see more alive bots, which also cheat them in the corpses, that equip themselves with what they find, that moves in groups or lone wolf, that makes assaults on other bot, etc. etc., so as to have a world around them more alive more real.

I would like to see a more militarily prepared PMC.
When we walk silently on certain materials it makes an absurd noise. A military man knows how to move in the woods or walk silently. Example The special forces use to wear socks on their boots when they have to make little noise, in fairy rooms they can be found in raids, things like that.

I would like to see the seasons, I would like to see snow and equipment suitable for rain, snow, hot and cold, hot drinks suitable for winter climates or cool for when it's too hot. I would like to see fog my tactical glasses or future gas mask or various respirators style Metro 2033.
I would like to see the temperature of my character to understand when he is too hot or cold and consequently undress him or dress him to warm him up.
And make sure that in our hideout I can prepare hot food or genetic food.

I would like to see Muscovite-style snowstorms with burning barrels in the streets and to see S.T.A.L.K E.R. style digging around.

I would like to see a PMC that can shoot better, much better, that can lean on shelves or corners to stabilize the aim, like debuff limited degrees of movement or put some damn bipods, for Christ's sake.

I felt that in the next updates we could see modifiable chest rig. I very much hope to see ballistic plates to insert as well. And not just prefabricated jackets.

I would like to see more sensible damage. If I shoot at the throat, or at the side with vests without side protection I would like to see people die instantly.
I would like a more detailed diagram to understand if and when the random shattering of the bullet may have pierced my lungs or heart.
I would like that when an arm is fucked, and I have no recovery kit, at most I can bandage it and use it only as a support, or not use it at all. If I get shot in the hand and 2 fingers jumped, you can still use the arm, but the hand obviously not … Are you hurt? Well it's your fucking business. Running away is your only solution.

For this year, daddy nikita is everything. I hope to see many gifts under my tree.  And of all the good children like me.
A kiss with love, a fan of yours, the cookies are by the fireplace.

Ps…my personal dreams… a letter to Santa Claus, indisputable…because dreams 🤪…I don't want to open debates or anything like that…I would like you to comment only with a thumbs up if you like them or with a sulky face if you don't like them.
Sorry for the English from google translate.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/jmifoh/early_christmas_where_are_we_going/

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