Early Wishlist for New World Updates

I'm just level 39 and can't speak much about end game or meta stuff but there's a few things about the game that I would love to see changed.

This would be in order of importance.

  1. Fix the Trading Post UI: Just overhaul that shit it's terrible. Fix other UI issues too of course.
  2. First Person Mode: I would just feel so immersed in a first person mode, even just an experimental one that sucks. The world building they did is incredible, I want to feel like I'm in a better Skyrim. Seems like such a huge waste not to do this…
  3. Dynamic Loot: I'm not a fan of how harvestables spawn in the exact same place every time. All you've got to do is pull up a map and find the best route and stick to it. It's lame. Imagine not knowing where the hemp is exactly but knowing a bit about what type of environment it spawns in and hunting it down? You are the discoverer, so you're not competing with some other hemp rat. Some loot should be static, but the grindy stuff should not be. Of course they'll want to re-balance the amounts you get per hemp for example to compensate for the increased difficulty of finding it, so it's still just as rewarding to farm.
  4. Swimming: Yeah had to.
  5. Gearsets: I have 25 items of clothing. 5 for fighting, 5 for harvesting, mining, skinning, general luck. In order to put on my harvesting clothes I need to scan each one to find them. Plenty of ways they could fix, personally I think the best way to do it is to just let players right click the icon and do "label" then let them take up the top 10% of the icon with a color or text. So I could highlight all my harvesting gear as purple, mining gear as red, etc. Or just let us combine them into gearsets / whatever.
  6. Fix the mob retreating and respawning too early issues. I mean c'mon..
  7. Make the world more dynamic in general: The world just feels static. Predators ignore prey, everything spawns in the exact same spot every time, AI NPC's don't do anything, fishing hotspots always in the same spot (imagine actually exploring for fishing spots that you have to physically spot, but make them 3x more rewarding?

Other than that, just a slow stream of content updates is appreciated thanks for coming to my wishlist post.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/qbn6yy/early_wishlist_for_new_world_updates/

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