Earth like worlds

so I was leaving and orbital station just after turning in a mission when i turned my gaze to a body of blue's and green's, an earth like world and the first i've seen. I thought of how landing would work on such a place and how F dev would handle people landing at the bottom of the sea with the crabs. after targeting it to my disappointment you can't land on such worlds. But then it hit me, if we could explore them how would we? There is a planetary hanger for ships with only an surface recon vehicle. what if we could purchase an underwater recon vehicle and have your ship float on the surface. the glass effect should be pretty cool. or perhaps hovering would prevent corrosion

gently setting down on the crystal clear surface mist is sent everywhere surrounding you in a cloud. slowly dipping up and down. and the dive we dive deeper into the sea we could run scanners to test the waters mineral content or if it even is a type of water. scooping up new sea creatures as you search the shallows to bring back for study. as you travel down further down the light fades away, It's only you, your life support and your lights now. underwater currents suddenly push you around and throw off GPS. as you roll around boiling underwater vents with the fish swimming by your viewport. Once you finally stabilize your craft you see something you've never seen before, a crystalline flower of metal and flesh sits in a bed of sand. A green and yellow light surrounds the area in veins amongst the sand. It's all of a sudden quiet, the sound of heat bubbles generated by your vessel has vanished and the temperature has dropped. the sensors begin to fail as you ascend to the light.

I would like to know whether or not this sounds like a good idea and rate my weird story 0/10

I'm an idiot, so if I made horrific grammar mistakes just kindly let me know.

i was thinking about earth like world exploration and how that might work and I got carried away, no issues plz


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