For all the "hardcore" aspects of this game, I really thought the economy would be as well.

This is my first wipe, and only really got into the game a couple weeks ago. Mainly due to the fact that sub lvl 10, the game is not fun at all. You have no avenue to procure loot consistently, and for many that just started, no idea what is going on. Then bam, flea opens, and it clicks.

The prices make 0 sense, obviously this is player driven, but its ridiculous. One scav run can fund multiple geared PMC runs(if you scav right), because everything is so cheap. The most expensive items in the game, cases, some keycards, are ridiculously cheap for the risk at procuring them. Once your money printer is operational, whats the point of the game?

I really hope this is not as intended, because the fun/scarcity goes away when you can procure 200m in a few weeks and never have to loot a single thing again for the rest of the wipe other than PMCs.


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