[EFFORT POST] Ideas to Improve Among Us

This post is just a collection of ideas I had while playing Among Us.

1. Improve the admin table to show exact locations (including hallways).

Currently, after a crewmate finishes their tasks, they usually have 1 of two options. Go to security and watch the cameras, or run around hoping to catch the imposter killing. Improving the admin table to show the exact locations of players (or at least the hallways) would make it a viable option in late game for catching the imposters. It would be much easier to tell if someone has vented or killed compared the current table, but unlike cameras, it does not show colors and would not be overpowered. This would give the admin table about the same tactical utility as the cameras, for smarter players at least.

2. Add an imposter chat that only the imposters can use.

Something like this would greatly increase the ability of imposters to communicate and work together. It would make the game more interesting and allow more complicated plays such as double killing and story sharing to be possible. This chat would be available during the game as well as during discussion times. And just for fun the ghosts would be allowed to read it, this may lead to more irl/discord cheating but that brings us on to our next topic.

3. Add an option to report players for cheating (including discord cheaters).

Everyone hates when the person you just killed tells their friend, who then proceeds to get you voted off. If a report option was added then you could discourage players from doing this. If a player was reported a certain number of times then they could be banned from playing the game for a certain amount of time (for example; 30 minutes). Each subsequent time a player is banned, the amount of time they are blocked from playing the game increases.

4. Make it so that ghosts can unlock locked doors.

Adding this to the game would make it so that players that are locked in a room with an imposter are not doomed, reduce the irritation of constantly being trapped when playing with an annoying imposter, and would offer another incentive for players to stay after they are killed, reducing matchmaking time. To unlock doors, the ghosts would have to perform a task similar to that of the locked doors on Polus but with fewer switches that need to be flipped.

5. Make it so that anytime during voting, if a majority has been reached and there is only one player that has not voted, proceed with the results.

Adding this wouldn’t change the way that voting works now since it would only activate if a majority had already been reached, but it would help to reduce the annoyance of a salty imposter or AFK player that won’t vote.

6. If you are kicked from the game due to an error, you should be able to rejoin the game as a ghost by clicking the arrow without entering a code (Spectator Mode).

We’ve all had that “the game options received were from an old version of among us” error, but sometimes it would happen when we just found the best lobby ever. If this feature was added, although you wouldn’t be able to rejoin the same game, you would be able to spectate as a ghost and play in the next one.

Idea Credit: u/bipolarbear29

7. Add a vent animation for Polus.

The Skeld and Mira HQ both have vent animations that you can see even if you are not in the same room as them, but Polus does not. I think that adding one (maybe something like lava drops flying out with the imposter) would reward higher skill players and improve interconnectedness throughout the game.

8. Make it so that imposters can read the ghost chat and see ghosts.

This isn’t really necessary but would make the game much more interesting and fun to play. Since ghosts are transparent they wouldn’t be able to block the imposters field of vision but could try to distract them.

9. Imposters should still be able to lock doors when non-vital systems like lights and communications are sabotaged.

Including this in the game would make imposter kills when there are only a few people left possible and would encourage crewmates to help fix non-vital sabotages instead of leaving them for someone else. It would also add more strategy to imposter kills.

10. Players should be able access the map during discussion time.

There is no reason for this to not be in the game and I think that it would be useful for those few times you forget where something happened and for newer players who don’t know where stuff is.

11. If the host is killed, they should still be able to kick players.

Currently, if the host of a game is killed or ejected, they can’t kick players. This probably exists so they can’t just kick the imposters, but sometimes the host still needs the power to kick. If the host abuses their power then the players won’t want to keep playing with them and would leave.

12. The amount of time it takes for a sabotage to end the game should be a setting.

This isn’t necessary but there’s no reason not to add it and it would help to improve games with fewer players by by allowing them more time to fix sabotages.

13. Imposters should be able to sabotage while watching cameras and admin.

It’s annoying when you’re the imposter and you try to sabotage something while watching the cameras or using the admin table and you just can’t. This probably would take too long to fix and there’s no reason not to add it to the game.

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Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/AmongUs/comments/jrta12/effort_post_ideas_to_improve_among_us/

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