EFT account banned – HWID question


I have just quick question about account ban and maybe you can give me some answer. I received email from Battlestate G that my account is banned because violation based on 4.3.4 point under agreement. I am out of town right now but my son tried to log in and it does not work. That being said, I read a few topics here and there what could have happened and either its by mistake or really something happened with my account. I do not believe someone logged in to my account cause I would get email with code verification.

I asked Battlestate and they are saying I need to contact with BattleEye. I tried today but response time is terrible. I am more upset in terms of HWID ban where my all hardware is banned. What is that? Be honest, I read carefully together with my friend who is a layer and under Battlestate agreement there is no any point stating that your hardware will be banned in case any violation. I am going to investigate more in more details when I back but maybe someone from you already have or had that kind of problem?


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/iuv7ek/eft_account_banned_hwid_question/

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