EFT feels more like CoD with extra steps.

I know this may be a hot take, but this game really just feels like Call of Duty with extra steps.

The movement is stupidly fast paced, the AD strafing is retarded, the meta weapon builds that literally remove recoil is dumb.

Is BSG going back on their statement to make this game a hardcore shooter? Because at the moment all the gunfights just feel like a CoD lobby.

Not to mention all the streamers who run around like elephants are actually in a better position than someone who is listening to them because AD strafing basically just allows you to make a bad play.

I really hope this community doesn't bitch when Inertia drops so much to get it removed. I honestly think this game should have a SUPER indepth movement system, I have a lot of ideas but that's not for this post lol.

Sorry, this rant is probably super hard to read because I'm tired and can't really think up sentences properly.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/r16ubp/eft_feels_more_like_cod_with_extra_steps/

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