EFT is bottlenecked by three main issues; netcode, performance, and cheaters. Performance is exacerbated by the fact that its a large scale, online, looter-shooter. EFT pushes the current available tech in these areas to the technological limit. Thats one reason why AAA studios don’t bother with…

this scale and genre. BSG is on the cutting edge of the genre and they are pushes it on at least three fronts that are very much technologocally limited.

Its not that BSG is bad at fighting cheaters, look at literally every other shooter – and they dont have the loot element which incentivizes cheating.

Its not that BSG is bad at netcode. Every online shooter and action combat MMO has hit reg issues. Even competitive shooters have hit reg issues.

Its not that BSG is bad at optimization. Every online shooter on Unity has these issues.

The problem with EFT is that it pushes these three technologies to their limits.

We are really just waiting for new technological innovations. Think about the major recent online shooters; COD, Apex, PUBG, etc. – all have intermittent waves of cheaters. EFT has an added economic features that exacerbate the desire to cheat and RMT.

Think about competitive shooters like Valorant and CSGO. Valorant had to go to extreme measure and literally create new tech to guarantee no cheaters and even that faltered at times. They had to simplify their maps, graphics, and slow down movement to guarantee hit reg. CSGO is fully of cheaters, has slimmed down maps, and also slow movement to get the performance levels for competitive play in terms of hit reg.

Im not trying to excuse everything. Im just saying that its important to come at this game with some perspective of whats out there. There is literally nothing available that is trying to innovate on so many levels.

EFT is "the perfect game" concept for a reason. Its the holy grail for a reason. Its the game we have always wanted and never had for a reason – the technology has never been there for something like this.

I love that this community comes together to brainstorm tech issues. Its really what we have to do it this game is ever going to reach its goals. BSG, nor any studio, simple do not have the tech (hardware, software, or intellectual innovation) to execute the project at this time.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/pe2em1/eft_is_bottlenecked_by_three_main_issues_netcode/

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