EFT – Results of the survey!!


As a promise made is a promise kept, here are the full results of the survey I asked you to answer last week! What do you think about those results? Surprising? Interesting? Nothing new?

Who are those 9 people who do not play the game?

Very hardcore community 🙂

This was very different depending on when you started playing. Veterans are much more interested in survival + milsim games

Big bunch of new players on this subreddit!

Also very interesting when crossing with the other questions. It seems that the drop campaigns are more dedicated to veteran than acquiring new players. Even thought it increased the hype on the game.

Realism and Tension as main reasons to start playing EFT. Very little impact of the drop. However, streamers impacted the new players and veteran are mainly fans of Milsim!

Risk vs reward, realism and variety of the weapons as the top 3 features (by far!). New players also liked more recent features such as the hideout or flea market.

The tension is what keeps everyone in EFT!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/lrpcif/eft_results_of_the_survey/

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