EFTcam.com – killcams, highlight reels, share your tarkov experience

You're not the only one thinking that this game needs killcams!

I changed my in game name to my website and was suprised to see interesting responses after either killing or getting killed by others. Some players offered my gear back, others wanted to team up… you never knew in tarkov.

I've made a couple of tarkov friends that way and I kept getting asked to show how to create that experience for them as well, so I threw this together… ( even other devs! )

https://EFTcam.com allows you to conveniently…

  • automatically upload clips (created by using Shadowplay / ReLive)
  • comment on clips
  • get comment notifications (directly into your discord)
  • keep a history of created clips

The client is open source, its not pretty at all but does the job. I mainly open sourced it because I wouldn't want to run foreign code just for the sake of having clips online conveniently. As for non-patreon imposed limits, im really sorry, but this eases the pain of moderation additionally hosting and bandwidth don't seem to be too cheap just yet 😅

If there is more demand than I anticipate, I'll gladly improve this project, but if it ends up being useless to most of you this will do just fine for me and for those that care.


Can this get me banned?
No; all this project does is refresh your folder where videos are stored. The code is open source.

What does it look like?
runs in the background

Like the idea?
I'd love to hear your feedback! https://EFTcam.com

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/n4zhcb/eftcamcom_killcams_highlight_reels_share_your/

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