EG play style has me thinking

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The farm heavy style of EG will overcome lesser players, but when you play against such high skill players it comes back to bite you. When Terrorblade is ahead on farm and has multiple items what does this remind us of? A raid boss. "Wow thats a raid boss!!". And how do you kill a raid boss? What happens on a raid? The players are forced to work together to achieve a common goal.

(Arteezy smiling and talking to his teammates soon as the game ends)

Forcing your enemy to unite and play as a team can backfire. To quote Super (Coach of IG) "we learned from them, we were forced to play as a team to beat them". He continues to talk about playing together to overcome EG. So while being a massive terrorblade or lifestealer is almost always reassuring with a high win rate, against the very best it always fails. How often do the top guilds on your WoW servers wipe? Not often.

(Arteezy looking unconfident and sullen in his chair, staring straight ahead as the game ends)

Lets say these great players have a little momentum and there is some pressure on the game, EG wilts away. Nyx, Sven, Spectre , these are all heroes who make me shit my pants when EG has to face them in an important game. but this the first time i seen 'em get whipped by a lion tho.

(RTZ with a face mask covering 3/4 of his head and not moving)

Arteezys phsyical appearance mimic'd their gameplay as the day went on. Anyone else notice that?

anyway im just frustrated as an EG fanstraight. I always started to believe they could do it, I had to fend off the superb on-air talent who all acted as if the Grand Finals was just a coronating ceremony for EG and RTZ. Their gloating reminded me of when a MMA fighter becomes so overhyped you know a loss is coming (Conor, Sean o Malley etc). DID anyone else notice SHeevar hopping off the EG fan wagon as soon as they lost one game and tipped the handsome china guy a few times? It was all downhill from there, thx sheevs. You performed well as talent and you looked flawless, dont ditch the EG boys so fast next time !!


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