Elite Dangerous art direction is all over the place.

Feel free to tell me I'm wrong.

Ah, Elite Dangerous, a game with one of the best atmosphere, sound design, and immersion. I love this game so much. But how did that go wrong?

Objectively speaking: It's inconsistant. In my subjective opinion: It's straight up suck now.

So which windowlicker decided that clean white and blue is the best base palette for Odyssey? Wearing flightsuit on foot fall forces you to have porceline white backpack as if you're carrying a ceramic shitter water tank. Did yall just half ass the visual so that you could sell suit customisation ten times the price of ship liveries on a paid DLC of a pay to play game?

Sure there's free default almost-not-ugly color palette for each suits for you to pick from, but the white weapons will still stick out like you're a swat trooper holding hitachi magic wand. Each weapon manufacturer has little distinction in design language, laser manufacturer seem to be inspired by a fucking scotchtape holder apparently. They probably asked themselves, what if apple designed a car vacuum cleaner, but also is crossbred with head & shoulder shampoo bottle? Hell yeah johnson, cash that fucking check! You did it!

I apologize in advance if you love this visual style, it's subjective afterall. There's no harm in wanting to be a space man who fell into a tub of correction pen fluid, or a human toilet seat, or a packet of birth control pills who wanted to become a real boy.

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