Elite Dangerous – Broken math.

If I did 1-2 trading courses a day I might not have noticed. But when you make 10 and more and expect 160-170M profit. and you get 110-120 M becomes suspicious.

Here is the story

It turns out that despite the numbers I see on the screen in the end there is always 4 M missing. here are the pictures.

everything is normal here

sell and expect 16M profit

and in the end you get 4 M less, why?

here is elementary mathematics.

5 325 390 798 + 50 376 480 = 5 375 767 278 !!!!

And as you can see in the picture I get 4 M a little why? or is mathematics already working under other laws?

I checked several times and always the same result 4 M is missing

Something like this has happened to someone or I'm just lucky ???

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/lj9ufh/elite_dangerous_broken_math/

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