Elite Dangerous: Why my first impression is so bad

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Hello reddit Community,

I recently started with Elite Dangerous. I have played Eve Online before and really enjoyed the huge Playerdriven world and opportunities. I have not played it for long, as In my opinion, it was too much micro-management instead of taking hands on to control your Starship by yourself, it was all about following the meta and customize your ship like everyone else does if you don´t do so, you did wrong.

So after I had EVE online left behind for many years, played many Games and recently I found Elite Dangerous in a phase of orientation to a new game to play.

It´s been now 1 Week when I started to play Elite dangerous and even if it made me really addicted to it, I do have login issues. No technical issues but issues between me and the Game.

I really like the Game, it is huge, you can do so many things, there is a lot of content. Bounty Hunting, Piracy, Exploring, Mining, Scanning and saving Missions, Faction Play, PvP and so on.

What is your favourite activity Guys? Mine is Piracy and Combat itself, while I still enjoy doing some Scan and search for High Graded Emissions and stuff. But I would not say I could do that every day or every week, maybe just sometimes and very rarely.

And here is my first impression as a very new, neutral Player:

** You have to do Content you don't like and you are forced to do so, if not you will never have a chance to fight Elite AI as they have unlimited Ammo and it seems like they fly without flight assist off all the time and gain insane agility. Fighting them, trying to outmanoeuvre the enemy is impossible as long as you cannot fly with closed eyes while flight assist is off. You need that engineering, you have to play the content you do not like**

This is the hard way to explain my major problem with the Game.

So it seems AI can be very OP even if you can control your ship with flight assist (In the following mentioned as FA) off to counter manoeuvre the enemy ships, you still have to head back to a base after every second ship for repairs without engineered Modules.

Shields, or better said not letting your shields drop down seems the key in this situation and shield booster play a major role otherwise you spend most of your time trying to counter manoeuvre the enemy insane agility instead of attacking it.

And here comes this negative aspect, not the engineering itself but the way how you receive the materials you need to get your modules.

** I do not like exploring but I have to get that Degraded Emissions, land on Planets for resources even before I can learn to enjoy the Game, or what I like to do in the Game**

Even before I can enjoy flawless Combat Gameplay I have to do content that I do not like to do. But is a Game not exactly about that? Doing what you want to do, being forced to do what you don't want to is that not called…real life?

To be honest this is the first game that forces you. In any Game, you do your specialised content and you get rewarded, to get closer to the "End content"

For example, you like to play Sniper in a Shooter and still get rewarded the same way as the Medic does for his work. If you fly a Plane you still get rewarded the same way as the guy who is controlling a Tank. If you play World of Warcraft, you still got rewarded for a PvE Dungeon as same as Guy does who play PvP, you get your Equipment both ways, while you still need to investigate time for the "grind".

A "grind" is nothing else than a trick to get you addicted. You work for something and you are rewarded for it, that makes your brain happy and you continue with the expectation of further rewards.

Elite Dangerous is doing the same with one difference, you do not choose which way you grind, the way is given and you have no choice which way you go. You get that Emissions or you will not be able to engineer your ship for what you wanna do, Combat.

Everyone should be rewarded for what they want to specialise in.

This huge mistake ruined the Game in my opinion totally. I guess you get used to it, which is why people defending Frontier´s Engineering system, but I guess new Players, who see it more neutral, who are the base for a keeping the Game alive might see it as I do.

There is one more thing. The Hud Colouring. There are mods I know, but I heard the Community screaming already to migrate it into the Game and as many people already said, it is hard to involve because of the way the game is coded, it doesn't play a role in my opinion. The community screams for the feature. And doesn't matter how long it takes to migrate, work on it even if it takes a year. Another thing I don't like, Developers that do not hear the community. To those who try to teach us how difficult this migration would be: It would be done today already in all the Years, the community asked for it.

I apologize for my bad self-taught English (hail Grammarly) and hope for some neutral comments. I have talked with a few people about it, everyone was against it, while they even say that they do not like to do stuff they don't want to, which made me aggressive because, why would they shame my opinion then?

I think, that Engineering and resource gathering shall be grindy, but please the way everyone has fun with.

It felt good to speak it out. Now I can keep playing the Game or uninstall it, whatever the future brings

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