Elite Scav Karma is OP

I spent today and yesterday to speed level my scav karma and have now reached elite level / 6 rep with fence.

already on the way i noticed how good the loadouts gotten and how much money you can make by simply going into factory and extracting right away without even looting. you will never get a run through under 13 minutes and i load in 49 out of 50 times at < 12 minutes left.

in those to days i made 25 mil only by selling all my scav gear to traders. not even flea-ing 90% of the stuff (except keycards and ofzs)

this is now my usual loadout: https://i.imgur.com/H4LpqjI.png

i will get a key card 4 out of 5 times and always backpack armor headset and a good gun, sometimes even fully modded aksus or ak74s.

by selling this gear to traders (!) and flea-ing the keycard i made 400k.

and i have the next scav up in 6 minutes.

i make 200-500k every 6 minutes without even looting.

i have 25 gpus in my bitcoin farm. they will make ONE bitcoin every 20 hours.

why in the fucking world would i need to do that if i could just hop into factory literally in 1 minute and make 400k?

this is so fucked


whats your scav karma? do you care about it? i think the stuff fence sells to you on elite is totally irrelevant. the scav timer + loadout + 2:40 moonshines are in the insane thing here.

i made 25 mil in 2 days (~15hrs) just by extracting factory. this is so dumb.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/p90xzt/elite_scav_karma_is_op/

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