Endgame – No raid Challenge

I finally finished my no Raid challenge on Valheim.

I have posted a few times about it, but I thought I would outline the endgame and the steps. I also managed to do it with only 1 death (2 Star Draga Archer on first trip to swamp).

The endgame is Maxed out Silver Armour, Maxed Abyssal Razor and Harpoon, Sea Serpent Shield (And Silver Shield). Axe is Bronze, Pick is Iron, club is Frostner, Bow is Draga (With Needle Arrows) and food is Lox Meat, Serpent Stew and Sausages.

So only things missing is Padded around for the last 20 armour points, the Porcupine, and Black metal shield and weapons. But the difference between silver and Blackmetal is around 15-20% so not to bad.

Playing with no bosses is both easier and harder, I compare it to playing Minecraft on Peaceful in some ways, easier with not raids, but makes it harder in terms of game mechanics.

  • First Boss Skip

With out doing the first boss you have to use the Troll mining technique to mine enough Tin and Copper for a Forge and a Copper Pick, this gets you mining and then you can continue as normal to Max bronze (You need Chains from Swamp to get Forge upgrade).

  • Second Boss Skip

With out the Elder you need and alternate way to get Iron, this is by far the biggest ongoing issue with this play style. There are two ways to get Iron and both are slow, one if killing Ozzes which have a 33% of dropping 1 scrap Iron (Higher chance for 1 and 2 star). The other way is randomly digging in the swamp for muddy scrap piles. I have two ways to make this a bit faster, one is to look for a swamp next to a mountain or a raised Black forest, the way the terrain generates means that a Muddy Scrap pile will generate underground at a certain level, but if the ground is heavily slopped the scrap pile will be visible with no digging. The other hint is digging down on the larger areas of land in a swamp, and digging a trench as long as possible.

I have done this on three worlds and can typically get 20 iron in around 3 hours, that is with killing other mobs for their drops.

Another key point is killing Wraiths at night in a swamp (They only spawn at night), they are weak to Fire and can be 1 shot if caught unawares. This is your only sources of chains. Really you only need 24 Iron as you get 20 for the pick and 4 for a Toolrack for Workbench upgrade (Up can break tool rack and use iron for stone cutter and vice versa if you don't want to keep mining).

If you want to keep mining for Iron you can, but as its so slow, I tend to stick with the 24 Iron.

  • Third boss Skip

This one isn't so bad, with out the wishbone you need to do the mountain with Sonar mining. This uses the stagbreaker to smash the ground, if you get the TOO HARD warning it means you are over a silver deposit (Beware you are not standing to close to a obsidian deposit). This really isnt that much slower than wishbone, if you have a idea on the areas silver spawns you can easily find 3-4 deposits in an hour (They also tend to spawn near golems). The only issue is you are in the mountains in Bronze gear, so be careful and upgrade to silver armour ASAP!

Now its just a case of maxing out your silver armour and weapons. If you care for more iron grind you can go for the silver sword but it is a lot of Iron!

Once kitted out you can take on the plains with care for Lox Meat and Needles, maybe even get a small farm going for Barley so you can make the fire resist potions.

This is a super fun challenge and I would encourage anyone wanting a new challenge to try it. Its also nice not having any raid higher than Boars and Necks (Its free meat!).

I got a good seed for this challenge if anyone wants to try it (at least two exposed Muddy scrap piles and 1 silver deposit)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/n8ry0g/endgame_no_raid_challenge/

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