Endurances Crash needs to be taken Seriously

Hello Commanders, if you're apart of this premium experience longer than 1 year that happening you probably got already used to this issue. (You probably want to share this idea if you want their attention).
I am writing down some solutions for the Developers, but I can probably get ignored, at least I am trying to write a couple solutions for the fix.
Possible fix is to add in game a databases to Save the rewards from your previous wave that you succeed.
fx; I am on wave 30 my game crashed and I will get my precious rewards from wave 29 and no not get 0 rewards.
(this probably would fix some other bugs that you might not know but it would be worth the try implementing this new feature.)
There's probably another ideas to fix this same issue, but would be awesome to Implement something to fix which players have payed to play on the game. I know there's more attention on Battle royale. but plz we beg to fix it.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/FORTnITE/comments/seni17/endurances_crash_needs_to_be_taken_seriously/

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