English Talent scene in Dota smells awful lot like Nepotism

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Just to make it clear, I absolutely love a lot of people in the talent list for TI and they deserve their spots. BUT there are a lot of names missing there, especially from SEA and some streamers. What's common among these missing people? They are not part of the 'friend circle' that basically every one who got an invitation is part of.

If you think I am talking out of my ass then listen to BSJ himself say it very clearly:
Funny how he struggles so much to put out his point but at the end, what he is basically saying is ''you don't get to TI if you are not part of this circle of people''. He tries really hard to try not to make it sound like Nepotism but that's exactly what it is. He repeatedly says ''these people don't offer any value to dota community so they don't deserve'' while circling back to ''they are not part of the group that does everything for the scene''. SEA Casters did A LOT past year, hell lot more than BSJ who couldn't be bothered to remember names of SEA team players and just went on and on about NA because that's all he knows apparently.

There are a lot of hard working people in Dota community that do a lot for the game and only reason they don't get their big event invite is because they are not part of this 'circle'. THAT'S DEFINITION OF NEPOTISM!!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/ppxe5b/english_talent_scene_in_dota_smells_awful_lot/

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