Enigma item builds

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Recently I’ve gotten really into spamming enigma as i feel he allows me to basically force my team to win fights.

I usually build soul ring > arcane boots > blink (sometimes rushing blink after brown
boots if lane is going really well)

I want to try and mess around with different things in the early game at least since I can no longer do things such as rush necro.

Would it be better to skip soul ring in favor of a null talisman or 2? Sometimes i get soul ring and talismans because so hate constantly buying regen but i wonder if it’s counterproductive.

I used to see people build hand of Midas before blink on enigma as well and I was wondering what people’s thoughts on items like this were.

I’m really open to any ideas/opinions as I’m looking to mix up my gameplay for the hero and want to get better.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/naxrxx/enigma_item_builds/

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