Entire community wasted more than 780 hours on transferring data (pressing a single button and waiting while all data will be transferred) on a single CG

Now math starts.

I took the following estimated data from INARA



So, I was bored enough to start count how much time I spend on a single data transfer and I've got following result:

Transaction of 243 units (3 x 81(5th grade to 1st grade exchange rate) takes ~15 seconds of pressing a single button and waiting.

Now let's count (I rounded some numbers just to simplify perception):

((46 950 185 / 250) * 15) / 3600 = 782.5 hours on pressing a single button

But what about to get to top 10 commanders?

((126 097 / 250) * 15) / 3600 = 2 hours

A human being wasted 2 hours of his life by pressing a single button to get to top 10 commanders.

Another human being did the same for almost 4 hours to get to 1st place.

Just think about it.

P.S.: Yeah entire goal needs from all of us to press a single button for 2666 hours.

P.P.S: Don't forget, that we have 2 different CGs, so the final target somewhere in 5000 hours of a pressing of a single button.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/n32347/entire_community_wasted_more_than_780_hours_on/

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