Epic doesn’t even tell you what they’re selling

Multiple friends of mine bought STW starter packs thinking they are new items and not reskins since you don't tell us what the hero does, what reskin they are or their rarity. We spend 17$ for 2 levels in the collection book since I already have these heroes. Why don't you gives us legendary? Does it cost money, effort? Why do you not tell us what you are selling? Oh, less money. Why do you not give us like 2 copies of the starter pack heroes and weapons? Money, effort? That's what happens in STW and has happened since the beginning, it is a gamble. Players get to Twine because they're lucky and others are stuck in stonewood cause they are not given a decent team, rather, they are brainwashed by the trading idiots. Even with founder packs, they never told us the stats of the weapons, the perks of the heroes we bought for over 170$, rather they change what we paid for without a chance to claim our money back. Why do you allow BR players to redeem changed cosmetics for vbucks and not changed STW items for our hard-worked miney back? Why do you not get rid of trading when children are bring scammed real money for useless items that will gain them 0 knowledge at the game. I know you thought about it, you guys are not stupid, you are a gaming company and possibly smarter than us so don't come with the "we never thought about that" bs, because a lot of people have called that out.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/FORTnITE/comments/lbwfb3/epic_doesnt_even_tell_you_what_theyre_selling/

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