Epic Games i demand a Battle Pass for a Fortnite: Save the World! (please)

Hello friends. My name is Alexander, I have been playing Fortnite since 7/21/2017, today I have 1,163 "Days Logged in", and in general, I spent a little more than 98 days in the game in total.


I want to write right away and apologize for my terrible English. I live in a country where they teach me to understand and translate words well, but there is practically no such thing as how to correctly compose them into sentences so that they don't laugh at you.

The first thing I want to write is what I understand about the small number of players in this mode, NO the Battle Royale mode. There are few players in SFW, they bring MUCH less money, this is not a very popular genre of computer games and the company will not want to spend a lot of money on it. But now there is practically nothing to spend V-bucks on in SFW!

In a couple of months and a couple of hours a day, the player easily reaches the last location, he will already see almost all the content in the game, after which only festive events or Ventures Season will be interesting. But for experienced players, it seems to me that now the Ventures Season is not of too much interest. The awards are not very significant, they are not interesting and I can't call them unique… I don't think that these awards are able to encourage interest in starting the Ventures Season again every 3 months.

I have a lot of friends who have been playing for several years and many have 25 000 – 40 000+ V-bucks and they don't know where to put them! We buy up all the wrappers for weapons, because skins for characters, very often, are not interesting to us. Please give us a reason to spend V-bucks. *we almost always buy support packages for the PvE mode in gratitude for the attitude of the developers.

I SUGGEST MAKING A Battle Pass for a Fortnite: Save the World Ventures Season AND INTERESTING REWARDS!

How do I imagine it, what am I willing to pay for, what do I expect from the paid Ventures Season:

– the standard 50 levels, I'm sure, are no longer needed, as are the changes in the speed of obtaining Seasonal levels,

– for each Seasonal level, it is a reward and I would really like a vehicle for the 50th level (for example, every Season of Diablo 3 has wings for a character). There is no need to make unique animations, alter the "bones" for the character's model, speed and other parameters… just a different appearance!

– i would like to see skins for popular Gadgets that the player takes with him on a mission. Now in Battle Royale mode aliens, what is difficult to do for the UFO skin turret or replace the supply drop box with an alien egg? You can come up with hundreds of skins for banners, proximity mine, slow field, aristrike… I'm sure it's not difficult?

– you can add wrappers for weapons, you can either duplicate them from the Battle Royale mode pass, or create new ones. One for every 10 levels and it will be great,

– it will also be useful for beginners to get Mythical Leaders of survivors, as well as one for every 10 levels,

– in Battle Royale mode, the character can choose a Contrail, make it for the Ninja in the animation of the second jump! Make different skins for bears in Outlander, for a MEGA-base,

– in addition, leave the Legendary rewards that are available now, tickets for weapons, supercharger and core re-perk! Everyone uses them.

Let the SFW Ventures Battle Pass also cost 950 V-bucks, but make the rewards really useful, interesting and unique… no experience boosters, resources and any rewards that can already be obtained in normal missions.

I apologize again for such a clumsy and illiterate text, but I hope that at least some information will reach the Epic employees. Thank you, friends.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/FORTnITE/comments/owdxg5/epic_games_i_demand_a_battle_pass_for_a_fortnite/

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