Epic Games please help me

I have had an account with Epic Games for multiple years now. I never have to manually log in because my PC remembers my settings every time I start up the launcher.

A few weeks ago I was logging on to play some Fortnite with a friend of mine and it prompted me to log in. I tried to log in and it kept giving me an error code saying it was the wrong password. I decided to hit the "forgot password" button. I never received the link to reset my password in any mailbox and have tried multiple times since then.

I then decide to open up a ticket to get to the bottom of this. The individual that was assigned to my ticket did nothing to help at all. He simply asked me a bunch of questions to figure out if I am who I claim to be and I answered them all to my best ability. My answers were not enough and thus my account is indefinitely locked/compromised. I have since tried to open up additional tickets with Epic and I am not getting any responses anymore. This is extremely frustrating because I have invested hundreds if not thousands of dollars into my epic games account through purchasing games and in-game cosmetics.

I was curious if anyone else has had a similar issue with Epic and has a possible solution? Or if maybe an Epic employee sees this if they could reach out to me I would really appreciate it because I feel like my account was essentially stolen from me by either a hacker or due to lack of assistance by Epic.

My new account keeps getting banned as well. Every single time I try to play a game of Fortnite it tells me that I have been banned for exploiting? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP

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