Epic-Games refuses to help

A While ago i recived Notifications that my Accounts were changed including Emails etc. I immediately put in a request saying that I had not made this change. They then asked me to provide my public ip address, account creation date, invoice ID, locations where purchases made, original display name, last 4 digits of payment, date of last login, names of other accounts connected to my Epic account.

For some background, I just moved a while ago to Germany and there i noticed the Changes. For those that don't know, your public IP address changes depending on your ISP. Which with me moving, it had.

I gave them the Invoice ID and gave them both the Order and Transaction ID with my Paypal.

I gave them the correct location of where these purchases were made.

I provided the correct display name for when I played the game.

I gave them the information of both my PayPal and the credit cards that was used for my purchase. I even went as far as to provide screenshots from my the oldest purchase.

The only other account connected was my PSN which I also gave them same as Google,Github as i just remember the things which i have linked

With all of this information, they still could not verify that I am the original account holder. I am still contacting them about it and am trying to escalate this to a manager. They refuse to give me any support that I can to speak with a representative.

So Reddit, what do I do in such an situation?

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