Epic will not help me get my account back

I haven’t played Fortnite in a long time but I used to play every single day, I went to login to my account and it said the credentials were wrong so I tried to retrieve my account but I couldn’t remember the email but I remember the username I used

So I decided to contact support they were quick on the reply and I asked them, is there anyway that we can get my account back I know the usernames I used but can’t remember the email

They sent me the email asking me for my public IP address, invoice ID, locations where purchases made, original display name, last 4 digits of payment, date of last login, names of other accounts connected to my Epic account.

So I provided everything they needed especially as the receipts for any purchases made on my account dating back to 2018 screenshots of my PayPal account with the same email as the one I’m contacting them with, aswell as the original username I created the account with, and my ip address and everything else they needed.

So I sent them the info and they sent me back an email telling me that it’s not my account and i have e multiple pictures of me in my own account.

So I asked them what was wrong and they gave me a new representative and sent me the exact same email telling me that they cannot help me

Is there anyone that could help me get my account thst I’ve spent thousands on bsck

TLDR; I contact epic games to get my account I send them info and they send me automated decline emails

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