Epic’s somehow done it.

Epic Games has successfully made a blog post that has pissed off / depressed the members of this community more than when they officially announced the end of Early Access.

This new season is a horrible, horrible idea that purely shows Epic does not care anymore.
After exactly 9 MONTHS since their “””release””” of STW, Epic has started recycling their post release content.

Of course, they couldn’t resist fucking something up with their rehash.

While the original modifier wasn’t that interesting, this new modifier just screws everything up.
Sure, why not make normal husks slow you down to a snail’s pace! Didn’t like ranged husks spamming you from miles away? Whoops, hope you don’t mind having to contend with double the projectiles and beams. Huskys and Smashers taking too much damage and breaking too much builds? Sure, now they’re stronger against traps and ranged and can also break buildings faster.

This season must be a sick joke or something.

(People Can Fly, please save Save the World)

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/FORTnITE/comments/mglxku/epics_somehow_done_it/

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