Erased… from existence.

Walheim - five bosses

Been playing on a server my brother in law had up since hearth and home came out. Me, his wife and her brother put in around 200+ hours each. Eventually I bring over my supplies from a friend's server who is shutting it down. We had just got all of our endgame gear maxed out and I had almost finished our plains base complete with lox ranch a stones throw from modor. Our next objective was fight the last boss.

My brother in law (who went to school for IT) somehow accidentally deletes the entire server and the company who hosts says its just gone forever, nothing they can do, too bad. Worst part is I had died the day before this happened and didn't recover my stuff so I am literally starting from square 1.

I am so crushed… I didn't even get to screen shot my plains castle. all that work just gone. I really don't understand how there is no backup or anything. Has anybody experienced this or know of a way to recover the world? What can be done in the future to make sure this doesn't happen again?


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