Erland of Larvik artwork weirdness

Ciri Gwent witcher Game card

I'm animating wallpapers for Wallpaper Engine and I almost finished Erland of Larvik wallpaper (I've used as a source) and I was looking for original links for artworks (as usual) for crediting original authors, but it turnes out the one I was using isn't original, Erland is missing some scars and tattoo and the circle with runes a bit different, so I went to check artwork in the Gwent itself and it turned out to be a little bit unfinished.

Erland from loading screen

You can see his tattoo layer floating on the right.
But there are also this version, with scars and tattoo on both sides.

It's also weird to me that original author isn't credited and there's no information on it (at least I couldn't find any).

Here's my progress on the wallpaper, it's still unfinished, but it's mostly done, I will need to change his appearence a little bit and the thing behind him.

Also a question, what side his tattoo on?


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