Escaping from tarkov again.

I bought the standard edition back in 2017 played for a few days not long enough to really learn anything and quit due to all the lag issues and disconnects.

4 years later I got a gaming laptop and decided to give it another go, though they have made many improvements some core issues I had with the game are still prevalent.
This time I put over 100 hours though that's not much to some I believe it was enough to get a feel for the game and discover some of it's big problems.

1: standard edition inventory is too small and having people fork out $120 for premium editions which give an unfair advantage in progression and gameplay is some greasy buissiness tactic. I spend more time trying to fit shit into my inventory than actually playing the game which leads me to point 2.

2: loading times 6+minute que times to join a raid that means if I play 10 raids in a day I've literally waited for 1 hour doing nothing but wait for the game to load, this is unacceptable and it's not even counting the loading times after the raid or the shit show of inventorying.

3: Cheaters and Dysync every couple of games I get killed by someone who is most likely cheating and if it's not that it's someone full sprinting at me or through a door only to shoot me in the face before I shoot a single bullet despite the fact that I'm staring at the door. Get gud you say? Ok I understand peekers advantage but that's just abusing a fundamental flaw in the game in no way should someone camping a doorway have the disadvantage to someone running in blindly, that's not realistic for a game claiming to be milsim.
I remember games like America's army where teammates would have to flank door campers and lead to cool tactics, in eft it's worse than cod for this sprinting forward bullshit.

I may be complaining but this is my interpretation not a personal attack, I enjoyed the game some of the time and the gunplay is my favourite in any game I've played. I hope if I come back in another 4 years this issues will be resolved.
Sorry for the rant but I hope if enough people share similar views they will eventually fix them and I can enjoy the game.


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