EU server performance?

I'm probably just re-iterating what people have said before, but every time I play on 'EUR' or 'Auto EUR' I feel like the servers just play terribly laggy no matter the ping.

I'm not a fan of dying obviously, but if it's a good fight or the guy outaims me then fair play, but lately it seems like I'm fighting against bad servers in every fight. The number of times I've traded with people, way after they're dead on my screen; or the amount of times I've died whilst being way inside a room all add to the frustration of playing the game currently.

I've tried playing USE and MED and the ping difference is a bit more noticeable on there, it feels like I'm laggy, but for the right reason. I expect there to be input difference when the ping is 110-140; I don't expect any when it's apparently 40-60 ms.

Anyone else feeling the same sort of struggle with the servers?


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