Hi Vikings!

I'm creating a small server for streamers of all sorts in Europe and would love for you to join.

The server currently holds 10 people and it will be freshly wiped and new characters will be necessary for everyone to participate in this.If you are interested in joining and have a passion for streaming,making friends and making interesting game play and content feel free to leave a response below or contact me on Discord.

Do you meet the requirements?


Are you ok with streaming most of the time when you play? :

What can you bring to the server?:

Are you willing to make new friends and participate in the community?:

If you meet the requirements ill text you back ASAP

Discord : Dayv#0948

Thank you friends! 🙂


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/m5v2pt/europe_private_streamer_server/

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