Ever log into the game, look at your current situation and wonder wtf you were doing when you last logged in?

So I logged in for the first time in about a month and I looked at my situation. I'm in Kuk, and for some reason I have a Python and my FDL here. My FDL is already fully engineered and my Python currently is set up for running missions, so I'm not here to see Selene Jean unless I'm here to pin one of her blueprints.

But…my python is sitting here with an E-rated FSD. Why? What would posess me to not have an A-rated one? I'm not exactly impoverished; in fact, I'm a multibillionaire. The python has all of its bells and whistles and…an E-rated FSD. How? Why? How did I even get it here since I'm pretty sure it was the FDL I ferried over.

The best guess I have is that I'm here running missions trying to get an Alioth permit. Something I haven't done in all the time I've played the game.

Oh, and to top it all off, I just checked Galnet news. These are my live thoughts as I just saw them. HOLY BAJEEZUS I MISSED A LOT! The Federation collapsing in multiple corruption scandals, the Empire accused of running hell prisons, the Alliance buying out Lakon (I predicted it would be either the Alliance or Sirius, and BOTH made bids!). The Allisnce delaying an election, and major corporations splitting and civil wars breaking out.

I'm actually pissed off I missed the Core Dynamics shenanigans. I would have been on that like sugar on cake. But now.. do I have to give up flying my Core Dynamics ships? For game play reasons no, but I'm a relatively moral person in-game. Would it have been poetic justice to bring my big, angry, and extremely well armed and fully engineered Corvette and blast up the Rochester Division? Or bring my equally well armed, angry, fully engineered Anaconda in protest?

How in all of this insanity does the EMPIRE come out the most stable of the superpowers? Given the confederacy-style the Alliance goes with, it by nature isn't going to be anywhere near as stable as the other two, and it isn't, at least militarily. The Federation looks to be about to drown in massive civil unrest and political breakdowns. The Empire just got done dealing with violent terrorist led civil strife that still occasionally smoulders. It's being accused of running a hell prison that recently went boom. And it's still more stable than the Federation right now.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/lnnwd7/ever_log_into_the_game_look_at_your_current/

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