Ever wonder why other games have fake gun names while Tarkov has accurate designations?

According to BSG's public balance sheets(Full accounts made up to 31 January 2020),
Tarkov's main operating costs are from gun/gun part licensing fees and not maintaining servers.
That's why ARMA/COD and countless games all opt for fake gun names like M416, PM5, PM7, etc – to cut down on unnecessary costs.
It's apparently very expensive, and usually it's not worth the cost just for the added accuracy in names for the guns.
I do fully appreciate not having to see fake names for the guns, but I can see why BSG struggles to hire better developers and use more expensive servers – because licensing fees a bitch, and Nikita has taken 7,140,000£ for himself at the end of 2019(https://i.imgur.com/jRRTxx4.png), so there's not much money left for others :/

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/p88igr/ever_wonder_why_other_games_have_fake_gun_names/

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