Everyone just runs relicts?

gerald witcher 3 gwent table

Played for 8+ hours today and Literally over 60% of the players I faced used relicts. I lost a lot of the time because even thought I feel like I countered nicely by destroying the self eater before splitting, preventing sabbath, and even being up 2 cards is not enough, they literally have so many other ways of just being way ahead of me with fewer cards played. The breaking point was when this player placed 2 cards a Mammuna and a Bloody Mistress and in two turns had 47 power.

I started playing about two weeks ago and was very excited and grinded pretty hard to pro rank but now I am extremely discouraged from playing because I find this metaslaving decks that have little counterplay and even if you do counter correctly they have 4 other methods of gaining +20 per turn? It's just not fun at all. I feel so underwhelmed even by my strongest combo of Imlerith then Ge'els to summon Imlerith's wrath just to execute one card??? I feel like this is soooo weak because Moorlehem can easily by himself " Destroy an enemy unit with status. " and yen can " Place an enemy unit at the top of your deck. " Like having to contribute two turns is just way too costly to ever feel like these gold cards are worth it when geralt sign cards are just 10x more convenient to use and are 10x more powerful anyways.

Since I'm new I just wanted to ask how well do they work to balance the game? I played league of legends and their balancing team was atrocious and honestly I'm really not looking forward to playing against relicts all day and having zero chance.

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