Excited for Tarkov’s future.

What direction do you think Tarkov will be heading considering the developer’s goal to implement open world elements to the game? I think I would enjoy the game much more considering the change it would have on gameplay. In a comment I was making for another post, I mentioned that we are currently playing a different game compared to what the end goal is.

The current game is more like a deathmatch with minor survival mechanics. Little thought is given to factors such as water/food/ammo/meds/weapon condition because it's only needed for one raid. In the future, we will be expected to traverse several maps consecutively before being able to get to relative safety (the hideout). From there we would need to prepare for our next raid and decide what quest to do. Setting off for a raid would mean we need to pack enough meds/food/water/ammo/misc supplies to get us through vastly longer raid times.

It might also do away with the meta Tarkov “Chad” simply out of the requirements for raiding. If I was packing for a solo raid that could potentially take as much time and resources as 6+ of our current raids do, then my kit would be mostly comprised of consumables. I’d need to bring 3 iskra lunch boxes, an aquamari, 3 spare salewas (or grizzly), 2 hemostats, an aluminum splint, 6 stacks of ammo, night vision on my helm, several spare optics, two suppressors to rotate as they wear out, a spare armor plate, and a second smaller backpack to use when looting POIs. When visiting POIs id have a similar kit as the one id bring now, focusing on being lightweight and agile. Id use the spare backpack while my primary sat somewhere safe outside and contained all my “extended stay” consumables. After looting id re-equip my transit gear, sort out the shit loot from the desirable, and make my way to either a loot drop location or (my idea) chuck one of Prapor’s ir tags into the small backpack with loot, ditch it somewhere inconspicuous, and have Prapor’s scavs pick it up for me (delivered through mail like insurance returns are). Id then have to return to customs or woods or wherever a hideout is permittable (not labs or reserve) to have access to my stash.

I think the hideout would also see changes. Its location could be chosen by the player or even map specific. They would function like extracts currently do, but could take the form of a random manhole/hideaways scattered around the map. Normal extraction locations would be used as exit points to traverse maps and you would need to return to the hideout’s map to access it.

That’s my idea for Tarkovs future, emphasizing survival over call of duty shootouts. Tarkov might resemble something like Dayz and I love the idea, granted im not attempting to get rid of what makes Tarkov, Tarkov. I would love to see insulation be impactful, like rain jackets and clothing to reduce chill from temps at nigh or thermal signature. I don’t think I am thinking too abstract, so please don’t comment something like “fuck it, lets just add peeing, taxes, and marital obligations to the game too”. What do you think? Where do you think its going and are you looking forward to its future?

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