Excitement slowly fading away

Hi, me and my friends completed the early access game content early april and we've since been waiting for the initially spring planned content release with excitement and commitment.

Almost three month after completion, our vision on what's coming – aside from this cute horse – pulled our global team hype to a point where we admittedly agreed upon not jumping back on the train again unless great content is released. Our shared server rental service has been closed, and we don't talk about the game any more. We've all moved to something else.

I believe there is a timing issue here between early access and content update, and wanted to voice it out to the team to highlight that this has been way to long to maintain hype onto gaming teams.

Of course game is great, and everything needed to justify the state of the dev has been said enough to clarify why we're in this position now. I'm just sad that release timing is pulling our team appart and clearly feel like my excitement is fading to a point wher I'm likely to not come back for content updates unless awesome.

We're certainly not the only ones in this situation, and I wanted to warn the dev team that monitoring release timing is a crucial part to sustain gamer commitment.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/o46sci/excitement_slowly_fading_away/

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