Expedition Baggage!!! (What to bring to explore the unknown)

Me and my friends love to explore and we don't use portals, still we always forget something and it's quite a pain. So i did this and i hope it will come in handy for you guys too. 😉

This pack is pretty early game since you don't need iron for all listed below.

Remember to make a portal @ home!


42 wood (house not included, beds not included)

49 stone

26 leather

9 deer hide

25 flint

8 coal

16 copper

5 bronze

10 core

47 fine wood


5 stone
2 wood

-Crafting Station:
10 wood

  • Upgrade lvl2:
    10 wood
    10 flint

  • Upgrade lvl3:
    10 fine wood
    3 bronze

  • Upgrade lvl4:
    10 wood
    20 leather
    15 flint
    5 deer hide

20 stone
5 core

20 stone
5 core

4 stone
4 coal
10 wood
6 copper

  • Upgrade lvl2:
    5 wood
    2 bronze

  • Upgrade lvl3:
    25 fine wood
    10 copper

-Deer rug (comfy)
4 deer hide

-Table and chair (comfy)
10 fine wood

-Banner (comfy)
6 leather
2 fine
4 coal

With this pack you can:

Repair almost everything at the workbench and equip up to iron at the forge.

Some decent comfort to start.

Stuff to smelt and work metals.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/valheim/comments/ntkg37/expedition_baggage_what_to_bring_to_explore_the/

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